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Zeus Juice Bolt Nic Salt E-Liquid

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Zeus Bolt Nic Salt E-Liquid Flavours:

Apple Grapefruit

A unique blend of crisp apple slices and tart, tangy grapefruit, this sweet and sharp blend offers a perfectly balanced fruity flavour for you to enjoy.

Banana Custard

A silky smooth blend of bananas topped with lashings of warm vanilla custard. An ever-popular combination, this classic creamy fruit flavour will magically melt in the mouth of any dessert lover.

Banana Ice

Silky smooth and deliciously creamy, Banana Ice flavour is topped with a gently refreshing hint of ice-cold menthol. Naturally sweet and delightfully cold, this flavour offers a cool tropical hit with each puff.

Blackcurrant Lemon

This flavour smacks of ripe and juicy blackcurrants intertwined with the sharp freshness of lemons. A cleverly balanced concoction, the satisfyingly sweet and sharply sour blend delivers a real punch every time.

Cherry Cola

A classic combination, our Cherry Cola e-liquid sparkles with sublime sweetness. Rich, dark cherries pop against fizzy cola delivering a satisfying aftertaste that will really quench your thirst.

Cola Ice

A refreshing combination of classic fizzy cola and menthol, our Cola Ice flavour brings both a sweet and icy hit from the inhale through to the exhale. With added notes of creamy caramel, the lingering aftertaste rivals the deliciousness of a freshly opened can of Cola.

Iced Berries

Our sweet Berries Ice e-liquid is our most fruitiest of flavours. A deliciously crafted berry blend is paired with sensational chilled menthol adding the final finesse to an enticing all-day cooling vape.

Kiwi Passionfruit

A simple yet classic flavour, our Passionfruit Kiwi vape is both mouth-wateringly sweet and tart. With an initial sour hit followed by a deliciously sweet aftertaste, the smooth, tropical taste is a winner for those looking for a tangy alternative.

Lightning Drink

Our deliciously familiar Energy Drink vape will lift give you more than just wings. Tangy and citrus-y, the strong flavour combines sour berries with a punchy zesty aftertaste reminiscent of an ever-popular energy drink.

Mango Guava

A fruity blend of exotic mangos and refreshing guava, our Mango Guava flavour is bursting with tropical goodness.  The sublime sweetness of the blend will whisk you off to a perfect paradise with every hit.

Peach Lemon

This Peach Lemon vape is bursting with intensely zingy lemons and delightfully delicate peaches. With a sweet and fruity bite delivered on each inhale, the juiciness of the blend is best served on a hot, sunny beach.

Strawberry Ice Cream

Our Strawberry Ice Cream vape will evoke charming childhood memories. Light and refreshing, the sweet-sharp burst of ripe, juicy strawberries stirred into sugary, frozen cream is a summer pleaser unlike any other.

Strawberry Kiwi

This Strawberry Kiwi flavour is the perfect blend of sweet and juicy strawberries paired with the tropical taste of tart and zesty kiwis. A tantalising and sensational experience, the lightly refreshing and smooth hit will have you dreaming of warm summer breezes.

Strawberry Shortcake

Our evocative Strawberry Shortcake flavour is reminiscent of summer days. Light, sweet and creamy, it captures the perfect combination of freshly baked cake topped with juicy ripe strawberries and dollops of delicious cream.

Vanilla Custard

An appetising sweet treat, our Vanilla Custard e-liquid proves its perfect partnership. Thick, velvety custard laced with subtle traces of soft and fragrant vanilla is a match made in heaven for any sweet-toothed vaper.