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Twelve Monkeys 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid

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Twelve Monkeys 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid

Galago - Vivid grape highlights infused with spirited lychee.

Lemur - Tangy lime and lemon intermingle in wonderful synergy! Smooth citrus notes on the inhale and a light, gently cooled exhale.

Patas Pipe - Full bodied tobacco, topped with a small scoop of creamy vanilla and sprinkled with rich chocolate.

O-Rangz - A careful marriage of lemony fruits accented by wheaty cereal and finished with creamy milk.

Matata Iced - a refreshingly bold blend of ice cold grapes and slices of juicy apples!

Kanzi - a mouthwatering candy containing strawberries, watermelon and hint of kiwi.

Mangabeys - a bright and fresh blend of Pineapple, Guava and Mango is accented by a myriad of Caribbean fruits.