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Bogan Brews 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid

  • £5.99
  • £14.99

6 awesome flavours created by the The Vaping Bogan and manufactured in New Zealand!

Fair Dinkum - A few apples, bit of peach and just a few berries combine for a bonza vape that goes down easier than a cold beer in summer.

Six "N" Out - You all know the rules, over the fence and you're outta here.
Lush lychees at the stumps and blackcurrants in the outfield. Grab a bottle of Six'n'Out, make sure the eskies are stocked, kick back and sub ohm ya d*** off.

Coorong Cola - Cola, Bloody cola! A hard candy cola vape with a refreshing fizzy finish.

The Ducks Nuts - It's the Ducks Nuts alright, A Cherry jam doughnut like no other.

Ridgy Didge - A perfectly blended maderin and oatmeal sugar cookie, A flavour that will question if its the real article.

Bloody Ripper - Too right mate, Ripper is a raspberry and pineapple sour, but nix all the hops you'd expect from the first ten minutes of a Bogan review. Enjoy the smooth and tingly refreshment this all day vape contender will provide day after day.